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APITUSSIC syrup 120ml, hoarseness, bronchitis


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  • Apitussic is used in diseases of the respiratory system - przeziębieniowe states, cough, sore throat and scratching, acute and chronic inflammation of the throat, runny throat, hoarseness, bronchitis.

Sulfagwajakol - 0.80 g, ziołomiód pine - 76g, sodium benzoate - 0.75 g, purified water to 100 g.

Action: It has anti-inflammatory, expectorant. It stimulates the mucous glands in the upper respiratory tract (pine oil). Antibacterial against Gram (+) responsible for the most common inflammatory and catarrhal conditions of the upper respiratory tract. The content of simple sugars - glucose and fructose, determines the nutritional properties and strengthening.

Indications: diseases of the respiratory system - states przeziębieniowe, coughing, scratching and sore throat, acute and chronic inflammation of the throat, inflammation of the throat, hoarseness, bronchitis.

Dosage: Oral 3 4 times a day 1 teaspoon of a small amount of warm liquid.