APIVAGINUM x 5 globules female genitalia injures


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  • Apivaginum is pessaries hyaluronic acid and propolis. Recommended when discomfort intimate surroundings makes: mucosal damage, injuries of the vagina and vulva - due to dryness or abrasions.Apivaginum soothes and regenerates vaginal mucosa.

1 globule weighing 2.6 g contains: 13 mg of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), propolis 65 mg (ethanol extract of propolis).

globules Apivaginum they act antiseptic and gojąco. This measure, which has its application in vaginal injuries - helps protect tissues
and restoration of the natural vaginal mucosa. Globules are used in various types of injuries of the vagina and vulva, resulting from vaginal dryness or other mechanical damage, manifested dyskomfortowym swelling, redness, itching and abnormal discharge. It works well as an aid in healing of episiotomy, with wounds and lesions in the vagina after childbirth, after surgery.

How to use:
Apply 1 globule, once a day at bedtime. Sex avoid the use of suppositories. Use suppositories regularly for 5 days, until resolution of lesions. Treatment should be planned so that was not interrupted by menstruation. Globules Apivaginum can dirty underwear.Pregnancy and lactation: Pregnant or nursing women may use the preparation only after consulting your doctor.