APO-Lutea x 30 capsules, healthy eyes


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  • Healthy eyes. Apo - Lutea, is a supplement that completes the diet of nutritionally active ingredients ocular and helps maintain normal vision. It contains lutein and bilberry extracts, skylight and Siberian pine.

1 capsule contains 10 mg lutein and solids include of bilberry (50 mg), skylight (100 mg) and Siberian pine (30 mg).

Apo - Lutea, supports the proper functioning of the eye, particularly the macula. It protects the eyes from harmful factors such as too poor diet, smoking, air pollution, intense light, age, stress or too little sleep, and alleviates the symptoms of fatigue caused by long-term concentration of sight.

Dosage: Oral 1 capsule per day. Best taken with a meal, drink a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.