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ApoD3 60 capsules, cholecalciferol deficiency, Vitamin D


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  • ApoD3, Vitamin D, cholecalciferol deficiency. Insufficient sunlight causes insufficient production of vitamin D3 in the skin, so for proper bone growth and maintenance of proper mineralization it is necessary to supplement the cholecalciferol deficiency.

Gelatine, Sunflower Oil, Moisturizer - Glycerol, Vitamin D.

Nutritional value for 1 capsule (recommended daily serving): energy value - 3.99kJ / 0.96kcal; Fat - 0,08g, including saturated fatty acids - 0,01g; Carbohydrates - 0,02g, including sugars - 0g; Fiber - 0g; Protein - 0,04g, salt - 0g; Vitamin D3 - 25mcg (1000μm.).

Taking capsules ApoD3 1000j.m. It helps prevent the effects of lack of vitamin D in the body. Cholecalciferol supports the maintenance of bones and teeth in normal condition, further contributing to their mineralization as a result of increased absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D is beneficial for muscle work including myocardial. Cholecalciferol helps maintain normal blood calcium levels and also contributes to the proper functioning of the body's defense mechanisms.

Dietary food for special medical purposes ApoD3 1000j.m. Recommended for dietary treatment in the event of: vitamin D3 deficiency, osteoarthritis associated with aging, rickets, osteoporosis and osteomalacia, decreased immunity, muscle weakness, cardiovascular disorders, diabetes mellitus and hormonal disorders. This product is intended for adults and children from the age of 6 years.

Additional Information:
Store at 15-25 ° C. C, out of reach of children.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the components of the product.

Directions for use:
Recommended daily serving: 1 capsule. Take after meal. Do not exceed the recommended serving size.