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APONORM blood pressure monitor Basis Plus BlueTooth OA

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APONORM blood pressure monitor Basis Plus BlueTooth OA

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aponorm ® Basis Plus Bluetooth

With the aponorm ® Basis Plus Bluetooth ® upper arm blood pressure monitor, you have your blood pressure data with you on your smartphone anytime and anywhere: You can use an app to clearly document values, for example. B. to take with you to a doctor's visit or to share with other people you trust. All you need to do is press a button and the blood pressure monitor will automatically connect to your mobile device for data transfer. The model also comes to you with a comfort shell cuff. This is particularly easy to create. 

Functions & advantages at a glance:
• Blood pressure evaluation via smartphone:
Transfers your blood pressure values ​​to your smartphone via app. So you have it at hand anytime and anywhere, for example for your doctor's visit (compatible with iPhones with iOS 8.0 or higher and Android smartphones with Android 4.4.2 or higher.)
• Meets the highest quality standards:
This device has been approved by the renowned "British Hypertension Society" ( BHS) has been awarded top marks and bears the test seal of the German High Pressure League (DHL). It meets the highest quality standards for clinical use and is included as an aid in the directory of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds. We offer a full 5-year guarantee on this top medical quality. 
• Suitable for risk groups:
Explicitly also for users with existing medical conditions such as: B. Diabetics or kidney patients and for blood pressure control during pregnancy are recommended. The blood pressure of children aged 12 and over can also be reliably determined with this device. 
• Blood pressure documentation made easy:
Records up to 99 of a user's blood pressure values ​​in memory. All measurement results are saved with the date and time. This means you can easily track your measurements later (unlimited storage space within the app). 
• Detects risk factor:
Alerts you if critical heart rhythm deviations are detected during the measurement.
• Comfortable reading:
Your blood pressure results are shown extra large and easy to read on the XXL display.
• Simple blood pressure assessment:
Use a colored traffic light system to show you in an easy-to-understand way how your blood pressure values ​​should be classified according to international guidelines. The automatic average calculation gives you a quick overview of your average blood pressure value.
• Energy-saving operation:
Prevents the device from being activated accidentally and switches off automatically if it is not used for a long time. 
Electrical operation optionally possible:
This device can also be operated via the mains. A suitable mains adapter is available separately (PZN 02480228, item no. 047154).

Package contents:
• Upper arm blood pressure monitor
• Conical comfort cup cuff size. ML (22-42 cm)
• Stand for device and cuff
• Fabric bag for transport and storage
• Instructions for use
• Blood pressure pass
• 4 batteries size AAA
• Free app download via Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)

APONORM blood pressure monitor Basis Plus BlueTooth OA