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APONORM blood pressure monitor Prof.Touch upper arm

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APONORM blood pressure monitor Prof.Touch upper arm

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aponorm ® Professional Touch Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Every year in Germany alone, around 280,000 people suffer a stroke. One in three of these results in permanent damage or even death. As a result, strokes rank third among the causes of death in Germany, after heart failure and heart attack. The most common cause of a stroke is atrial fibrillation, a dangerous form of cardiac arrhythmia. In this case, the blood can accumulate in the atria of the heart, clump together and form blood clots. These can later travel through the bloodstream to the brain, block the blood vessels there and lead to a stroke.

The insidious thing about atrial fibrillation is that it usually has no symptoms, especially in the early stages, and only occurs irregularly, meaning that it often goes undetected even during sporadic visits to the doctor. The aponorm ® Professional Touch upper arm blood pressure monitor allows you to check for atrial fibrillation during normal, daily blood pressure measurement at home using its so-called Afib technology (Afib = Atrial Fibrillation = German: atrial fibrillation). Regular use increases your chance of detecting atrial fibrillation in good time and taking early action against it.

Functions & benefits at a glance:
• Stroke prevention:
Thanks to patented technology, detects atrial fibrillation and alerts you to an increased risk of stroke. 
• Triple security:
Automatically carries out three consecutive measurements based on recommendations from professional associations and doctors and calculates an even more precise, weighted average value. 
• Convenient operation and easy reading:
The illuminated touch display in XXL format is not only easy to use, but also particularly easy to read. Even in the dark. 
• Meets the highest quality standards:
This device was awarded top marks by the renowned “British Hypertension Society” (BHS) and bears the test seal of the German Hypertension League (DHL). It meets the highest quality standards for clinical use and is included as an aid in the directory of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds. We offer a full 5-year guarantee on this top medical quality. 
• Suitable for risk groups:
Particularly for users with existing medical conditions and an increased risk of stroke, such as: B. Suitable for diabetics or kidney patients. 
• Blood pressure documentation for up to 2 people:
Records up to 99 blood pressure values ​​for each of the two users. All measurement results are saved with the date and time. This means you can easily review your measurements later.
• Blood pressure analysis on the PC:
Enables the transfer and processing of measurement results via software on the PC (e.g. to take with you when you visit the doctor). 
• Simple blood pressure assessment:
Uses a colored traffic light system to show you in an easy-to-understand way how your blood pressure values ​​should be classified according to international guidelines. The automatic mean value calculation also gives you a quick overview of your average blood pressure value. 
• Helps to avoid incorrect measurements:
Warns if you have moved too much during the measurement or if problems with the cuff have been detected. This prevents falsified measurement results and reduces application errors. 
• Energy-saving operation:
Prevents the device from being accidentally activated and switches off automatically if it is not used for a long time. 
• Power operation optionally possible:
This device can also be operated via the mains. A suitable mains adapter is available separately (PZN 02480228, item no. 047154).

Package contents:
• Upper arm blood pressure monitor
• Conical cup cuff size ML (22-42 cm)
• Stand for device and cuff
• Software CD for Windows
• USB connection cable for PC connection
• Fabric bag for transport and storage
• Instructions for use
• Blood pressure pass
• 4 batteries size AAA

*various studies by independent institutes, such as Oxford University, American Journal of Cardiology etc.