EYE RINSE APPARATUS, eye wash station, eye irrigation


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  • The device for eye irrigation, EYE RINSE, eye wash station is a useful tool in the moments when our eyes are contaminated and require rinsing with water, saline solution or when it is necessary to administer ophthalmic medication. The camera EYE RINSE is safe and simple to use.

The EYE RINSE apparatus consists of:
a 0.25 liter container, a bathtub with strainer, lids on the tub and tubes (medical drains)

EYE RINSE Operation:
The device for eye irrigation, EYE RINSE is an easy-to-use and safe to use camera. Very useful when your eyes need to be cleaned or rinsed with the fluid you need - whether it be water or saline water solutions or specialist eye medicines - in this case always remembering to follow the doctor's instructions. The camera is built of easy to disassemble, clean and re-assemble components.


  • detach the bathtub from the container,
  • fill the container with 250 ml of water,
  • refit the container tray, remove the lid,
  • tilt your head and put the edge of the bathtub close to the eye socket,
  • squeezing the container with your hand, cause the water to flow out and rinse the affected eye until the foreign body is removed.
  • after using the apparatus, rinse, dry and put in a PE bag.

The device is packaged together with an information leaflet in a sealed, PE pouch bag.