APRICOT 100% oil, apricot kernel Amygdalin B17 vitamin 100ml


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  • B17 vitamin. Oil, apricot kernel is a 100% natural product rich in Amygdalin - B17, whose invaluable properties have a positive effect on the health and beauty of man. Oil cold pressed, unrefined. Recommended for massage and skin care dry.

100% oil from apricot kernel oil unrefined, cold-pressed, unfiltered.

Energy value of 100 g prodktu:
828 calories (340kJ)
Fat: 91 g including:
Saturated tłuczowe 6 g
monounsaturated fatty acids 65 g
Wilonasycone fatty acids 21 g
Vitamin E 6 mg

Apricot 100% oil, apricot kernel amygdalin B17, the original, unrefined, cold-pressed and unfiltered product, which is easily absorbed through the skin. Oil apricot, has a rich moisturizing and smoothing the skin because of what is recommended for daily care of all skin types - especially dry and aging (used for mature skin reduces the appearance of wrinkles and changes in its structure). The oil can also be used for sensitive skin, irritated and inflammation. Due to its characteristics of beauty and relaxing this oil is sometimes successfully used to massage the body of adults and children. Apricot oil is light, delicate and rich in unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid and linoleic acid, vitamin A, and vitamin B17. Application: 100% oil from apricot amygdalin B17, is a perfect product to massage the delicate skin of children and adults and for the care of dry skin and aging.

Once opened, store in a cool and shaded place. The precipitate on the bottom of the bottle is a natural product is cold-pressed.