APRICOT Decollete Pad with Hyaluron simply the breast 1 pc

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APRICOT Decollete Pad with Hyaluron

You may already know and love the Silicone care Décolleté Pad. It is one of the most popular décolleté care products in Germany and the USA! In order to increase the efficiency even further, we have enriched this product for you in a premium version with highly effective hyaluron.

With advancing age, less natural hyaluron is produced by the body, so that the tension and elasticity of the skin decrease. The cleavage is particularly susceptible to this. Sleeping on your side and exposure to high levels of UV exposure encourage décolleté wrinkles that no longer recede on their own.

Under international patent protection by APRICOT, medical silicone was enriched as a carrier material with highly effective hyaluronic acid. The hyaluronic acid increases the moisture content of your skin and stabilizes it in the long term. It stimulates collagen production, firms the skin and makes it soft and supple. Due to the microclimate that is created between the silicone pad and the skin layer, as well as the long contact time with the top skin layer, the active ingredient can be optimally absorbed and transported into the deeper skin layers. A visible success can often be seen after just a few applications!

The effective reduction of wrinkles through our Silicone care Décolleté Pad with hyaluronic acid has also been confirmed in clinical studies!

And best of all: the Silicone care Décolleté Pad with hyaluronic acid can be easily cleaned under running water and reused as usual. After about 20-30 applications (depending on how long it has been worn) the hyaluronic acid storage is exhausted and the pad should be replaced.

APRICOT Decollete Pad with Hyaluron Made in Germany. Dermatologically tested with "very good". Clinically proven effectiveness. Vegan and cruelty free.