APTEO 4-chamber cassette for medicines x 1 piece, medicine storage

Synoptis Pharma

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  • Medicine storage. APTEO A 4-chamber drug cartridge is a product that allows you to safely store tablets for a given day and use them at the right time (according to doctor's instructions). Recommended for people who regularly take medicines.

APTEO The 4-chamber drug cartridge is a product made with great care, for those who regularly take medication (eg chronically ill). It allows you to dispense medication during the day and keep the appropriate dosage. The cassette has 4 separate compartments with inscriptions: morning, noon, night and night, where you just need to place appropriate medication. The product is comfortable to use and completely safe. It allows the preparation of drugs by third parties.


The cassette should be used to prepare the daily dosage of drugs for the chronically ill (which must be taken at regular times of the day).

How to use:
Use, if necessary, the appropriate medicine in the cassette compartment (as recommended by your doctor).