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APTEO Automatic Blood Pressure Gauge CA-200

Synoptis Pharma

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  • Automatic Blood Pressure Gauge. Measuring home pressure has never been so easy! The Apteo CA-200 handy and easy-to-use automatic pressure gauge will allow you to monitor your blood pressure and heartbeat daily without leaving home.

Package includes:
Blood pressure gauge, cuff, AA type alkaline batteries - 4 pieces, instruction manual with warranty, measuring diary.

The CA-200 Apteo automatic blood pressure gauge is characterized by high accuracy and reproducibility. Operation of the blood pressure meter is simple and the measurement is done within a few seconds. The measurement is based on the oscillometric method. The width of the cuff on the arm is adjustable (22-42cm), so the camera can be used to measure people with different physical conditions. The device capacity can hold up to 120 measurements for 2 users. The camera has a large display that allows reading even for older people. The blood pressure gauge switches off automatically after the test, so that the batteries last for a long time. Daily blood pressure and pulse measurements are also a valuable diagnostic hint.

Apteo CA-200 automatic blood pressure monitor for blood pressure and pulse measurement on the arm.

Additional information:
Two year warranty. Measure far away from sources of electromagnetic radiation (eg cell phones, microwaves). Store in the original package at room temperature.

How to use:
Read the operating instructions of the appliance before use. Before measuring do not eat, avoid effort and violent movements. Measure on the same arm, usually left and at a similar time (due to pressure changes during the day). Measure: Apply cuff, turn on blood pressure meter.