APTEO CARE adhesive nonwoven 5m x 12.5 mm, non woven

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  • High quality non-woven adhesive Apteo Care recommended for fixing dressings. The product is made of soft fleece, which allows the skin to breathe freely. Adhesive size: 5m x 12.5 mm.

non-woven fabric, acrylic adhesive.

The soft nonwoven fabric and a microporous adhesive disposed in the substrate permeable to air, which effectively prevents maceration of the skin. In addition, the adhesive used in the nonwoven Przylepcu brand Apteo Care is well tolerated by the skin, does not cause allergies. It is strong, but does not cause problems when removing the dressing, painless and easy to peel off and the skin does not leave traces. The unique structure of adhesive makes it unnecessary to use scissors when his division.

A medical device Apteo Care adhesive nonwoven web intended for use in the proper attachment and securing of all types of dressings.

Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children, at room temperature.

When a suitable length of adhesive secure the dressing in place. To share the product is not required to use a pair of scissors. Do not affix adhesive directly on the wound.