APTEO Care Breast pads x 60 pcs, breast pads

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  • Breast pads. Large, economical (up to 60 pcs) package of Apteo Care lactating pads. Lactating pads are a product that allows women to breastfeed while protecting their sensitive warts, as well as preventing laundry and clothes from getting dirty.

Apteo Care breast pads are characterized by their exceptional absorbency and softness for fiber production. Easily absorbs excess milk, leaving dry nipples, and thanks to the pleasant to the touch and soft fibers do not cause irritation or nipple sore. Hygienic lactating pads also protect against laundry and laundry. Apteo Care pads are very discreet, the adhesive layer prevents them from slipping.

Apteo Care Breast pads for use in lactating women. Can be used with traditional bra and special lactating mothers.

Additional Information:
Keep out of the reach of children at room temperature.

Use as intended. The inserts are recommended to be changed at least once a day, the discarded product should be discarded.