APTEO CARE Elastic ankle band size M x 1 piece

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Apteo Care ankle elastic band is the perfect solution to relieve pain and reduce ankle swelling. Apteo Care not only relieves the symptoms of joint strain, but also protects it from injury.

APTEO CARE Elastic ankle band Package contents:
1 elastic band, leg circumference above the ankle: 20-22 cm.

APTEO CARE Elastic ankle band Action:
Apteo Care elastic band thanks to its unique properties allows to relieve ankle joint pain in degenerative diseases. This product is also used in rehabilitation because it supports the treatment of damaged, strained or weak ankle. An undoubted advantage of the Apteo Care medical device is its analgesic and anti-edema effect. In addition, the band can be used by athletes to protect and stabilize the ankle. Importantly for physically active people, Apteo Care strengthens the ankle ligaments.

Apteo Care ankle elastic band is recommended for rheumatic-degenerative diseases, ankle injuries, as a dressing after plaster removal and as a stabilizer, especially at high risk of injury.

Put the elastic band on the ankle.

Additional information:
Consult your physician when using Apteo Care.