Apteo Care Emergency blanket 210 x 160 cm x 1 piece

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Apteo Care Emergency blanket 210 x 160 cm x 1 piece

Apteo Care An emergency blanket is used in rescue and should be included in every first aid kit. The emergency blanket effectively protects the victim's body from overheating or cooling down. Size: 210cm x 160cm.

Operation of Apteo Care Emergency blanket:

A thin metallized polyester foil on one side is silver and on the other side gold is an important element of the first aid kit. Apteo Care Emergency blanket protects the injured from cooling down or overheating. The thermal insulation foil protects against thermal shock. Size: 210cm x 160cm.

Apteo Care Emergency blanket intended for use in order to protect the injured from cooling down or overheating.

Additional information:
Store the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against the effects of moisture and light.

Do not use when the injured person has contact with any device that is under electric voltage.

How to use the Apteo Care Emergency Blanket:

Using a rescue blanket, cover the entire surface of the victim, including the head. To enhance the thermal insulation function of the foil, the ends of the blanket must be glued or tied together to ensure the tightness of the structure. In the event that the injured is in danger of cooling down, the silver side should be directed towards the body, if there is a risk of overheating, the golden side should touch the body.