APTEO CARE First aid kit x 1 piece

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  • APTEO CARE The first aid kit contains a mask for artificial respiration and vinyl powered gloves - products that increase safety during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Composition of the set:
artificial respiration mask, vinyl gloves free.

APTEO CARE The first aid kit includes products that everyone should have in their first aid kit (eg in a car). It consists of a mask for artificial respiration, guaranteeing safe for helpers, the process of cardiopulmonary resuscitation so-called. Mouth-to-mouth breathing (preventing the spread of certain diseases). In addition, the APTEO CARE First Aid kit contains powder-free vinyl gloves that also provide effective protection and comfort during first aid. The kit is a small, handy key chain, so you can carry it with you in any situation.

It is recommended to use a respirator and vinyl gloves when first aid is provided.

How to use:
Use in accordance with current guideline of resuscitation. Dispose of mask and gloves to discard (disposable items).