APTEO CARE Hygienic sticks for children x 55 pieces

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  • APTEO CARE Hygienic patches for children allow for precise and complete hygiene of the ears. They enable the removal of cerumen wax, while preventing too deep insertion into the ears.


APTEO CARE Hygienic sticks for children is a medical product characterized by high quality workmanship. It was created specifically for the safety of children. It has a cotton head with a specific shape that protects you from inserting the ear stick too deeply. Thanks to this, it enables precise cleaning of the ears and ear pinna and protects against the formation of a wax stopper. APTEO CARE Hygienic sticks are designed for external use.

Sticks should be used in children (can also be used in adults) as part of ear hygiene. Indicated to remove accumulated cerumen.

Directions for use:
Use externally. Clean the clean stick carefully into the child's ear and gently clean it. Discard after use (disposable product). Use if necessary.