APTEO CARE LH Belt Ovulation Test x 5 pieces per pack, women who want to get pregnant

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  • Ovulation test, women who want to get pregnant . Product for women who want to get pregnant. The LH Belt Apteo Care ovulation test will allow you to carry out a self-examination that will help you determine when ovulation will occur.

In the package:
Belt tests packed in separate sachets (test + moisture absorber) - 5 pcs, urine container - 5 pcs, instruction manual.

This is a one-time test with high sensitivity and effectiveness. The test detects LH levels in the urine. Using the test is very easy and fast, the result can be read after 5 minutes. Its accuracy corresponds to laboratory tests. Reading the result is not complicated - 1 line means no ovulation in the next 24-48 hours, and 2 lines indicate that within 24-48 hours ovulation can be observed.

Apteo Care LH Belly Ovulation Test, designed for self - monitoring, allows you to determine the duration of ovulation.

Additional Information:
The test should be protected from light and moisture. Do not freeze. You can not treat the test as a form of birth control. In case of irregular or too long cycles, you should contact your doctor.

How to use:
The test works only when the procedures detailed in the operating instructions are followed.