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APTEO Care medical mask x 20 pieces

Synoptis Pharma

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  • Medical mask. Apteo Care disposable medical mask made of breathless and hypoallergenic nonwoven fabric. It protects against all kinds of contamination, it is comfortable, and thanks to rubbers well maintained in the right place.

Medical mask Action:
Three - layer non-woven medical mask in white. It guarantees BFE bacterial filtration efficiency> 98%, which means that it protects against droplet contamination and against various contaminants. The mask is comfortable, with a special nose pad that gives you the freedom to move your face while speaking. The two erasers allow the proper placement of the mask on the face. Non-sterile, non-latex product.

Application Medical mask:
Apteo Care medical mask recommended as protection against contamination and against droplet infection.

Medical mask Usage: Use the mask as intended.