APTEO CARE Triangular ribbon x 1 piece + 2 safety pins

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  • Necessary in every home and car APTEO CARE Triangular scarf will help to protect the dressing so that it does not move and will facilitate temporary immobilisation of the upper limb.

Triangular bandana 1 pc, 2 safety pins.

APTEO CARE Triangular scarf is ideally suited for temporary immobilisation of dislocated and collapsed clavicle, shoulder bone, forearm bone and palm bone. Shawl is also a great way to protect your dressing.

APTEO CARE Triangular scarf recommended for upper limb immobilisation or to protect the dressing.

Additional information:
To completely immobilize the upper limb, 3 triangular scarves are required.

How to use:
Shawl around the dressing to protect it or put on a shawl on the immobilized upper limb.