APTEO fiber from pineapple, quick weight loss

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APTEO fiber from pineapple x 100 tablets, quick weight loss

  • Dietary fiber from pineapple brand Apteo is a food supplement which is a source of fiber, which soak up water swells in the stomach and thereby induces satiety which makes it an important component in the application of slimming diets.

Components of
apple fiber (55% dietary fiber); bulking agent: cellulose; oat fiber (fiber 96%); 100 mg wheat fibers (97% fiber), lactose (milk) ;Pineapple powder; anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, magnesium salts of fatty acids

APTEO fiber from pineapple, quick weight loss Component: Fiber Apple 6 tablets 2040mg, 3400mg 10 tablets fiber oat 6 tablets 600mg, 10 tablets 1000mgWheat fibers 6 tablets 600mg, 1000mg 10 tablets (including 6.tabl. 3240, 10 tabl. 5400) Dietary fiber total 6 tablets 2280mg, 10 tablets 3800mg Powder pineapple 6 tablets 180mg, 300mg 10 pills.

Fibre Apteo Pineapple belongs to a broad category of natural food supplements and a rich source of fiber, which combines the digestive tract of water, swells resulting in a sensation of satiety thereby limiting an increase in appetite. Included in the composition of the oat fiber contributes to weight faeces.

- allergic to ingredients

APTEO fiber from pineapple, quick weight loss Indications:
Supplement particularly suitable for those in sedentary work and for slimming.

Recommended for consumption daily dose preparation:
Oral use. 2 tablets 3 to 5 times a day 30 minutes before meals with some water. Warning: Keep out of reach of small children.