Rheumatic pain, APTEO Heating pads x 3 pieces, heating pad

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  • Rheumatic pain, Heating pad. Warm-up patches will relieve muscle, joint and rheumatic pain. They warm up and relax, which alleviates the pain. The patch is suitable for single use.

Powdered iron, water, activated charcoal, vermiculite, sodium choloride, rosin.

Action: The dermatologically tested patch relieves rheumatic pain, spinal muscular pain, and joint pain. Its mechanism of action is based on warming up and relaxing the deep muscles. In contact with air, the patch warms to 43 degrees. C and maintain this effect up to 8 hours.

APTEO Outdoor warming plasters recommended for spinal muscular pain, joint pain, rheumatic pain.

Additional information:
Disposable slices. They must not be additionally heated. In case of damaged patch, do not use it. Slices must not be burnt, cut, crushed or soaked. For arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, skin diseases and pregnancy, consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.

Do not use plasters if: allergic to any ingredient of the product; Children under 12 years of age; Damage, skin irritation; Skin lesion; After injection; During the bath; Use of other medicinal preparations used at the site of gluing of the patch. Do not use while sleeping; In people unable to remove the patch itself; In people with impaired heat; For people who may have skin ulcers; Do not apply too much pressure on the patch; Do not use in one place for more than 8 hours per day.

How to use:
Carefully remove the patch from the sachet immediately before use. Remove the security paper from the back and immediately place it in a sore spot. The skin must be clean and dry. If you feel baking, pain, excessive heat, or if your skin has been irritated, remove the patch. After removing the patch at this point, the skin may be red.