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APTEO Multivitamin for active pineapple flavor x 20 effervescent tablets

Synoptis Pharma

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  • Multivitamin. Apteo effervescent tablets Multivitamins for active pineapple flavors contain the most important vitamins and minerals. One tablet delivers them in optimum amounts, favorably affecting the functioning of the body.

acidity regulator: citric acid; Filler substance: sorbitol; Potassium dicarbonate; Magnesium carbonate; Acidity regulator: sodium carbonate; L-ascorbic acid; Guarana (Paullinia cupana Kunth) extract standardized for 12% caffeine; Pineapple flavor; DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate; glucose; Dye: carotenes; Sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame K; Panax Ginseng root extract standardized for 2% ginsenosides; Nicotinic acid amide; Zinc citrate; Potassium iodide; D-pantothenate calcium; D-biotin; Chromium (III) chloride; cyanocobalamin; Riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium; Pteroyl mono-glutamic acid; cholecalciferol; Pyridoxine hydrochloride; Thiamine mononitrate; Copper (II) sulphate.

The active ingredients in the recommended daily servings (1 tablet): guarana extract - 50mg (including 6mg caffeine), ginseng extract - 20mg (including 0.4mg ginsenosides), vitamin C - 80mg (100% ZDS) Vitamin E (equivalent to alpha tocopherol) - 12mg (100% ZDS), vitamin D - 5mcg (100% ZDS), niacin (niacin equivalent) - 16mg Vitamin B1 - 1.4mg (100% ZDS) Magnesium - 56,25mg (15% ZDS), potassium - 300mg (15% ZDS), zinc - 5mg (50% ZDS), copper - 500mcg Iodine - 75mcg (50% ZDS), chromium - 40mcg (100% ZDS).
ZDS - recommended daily intake.

Apteo effervescent tablets Multivitamins for active people are used to prepare a delicious pineapple drink. It contains plenty of vitamins - from B, C, E and minerals - magnesium, iron, chromium, copper. Thanks to the content of Ginseng root extract, it improves endurance, efficiency and concentration. On the other hand, the enrichment of the composition with guarana favorably affects the metabolism and control of the balance. In addition, it helps to protect the body in stressful situations and against the detrimental effects of external factors.

Dietary Supplement Apteo Multivitamins for active pineapple flavors recommended as a supplement to your daily diet with essential vitamins and minerals.

Additional Information:
Contains sugar and sweeteners. The preparation contains a source of phenylalanine. Dietary supplement can not be considered as a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Keep at room temperature, out of the reach of children. An overdose can produce a laxative effect.

Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients of the supplement. It is not recommended for use in children and pregnant women due to their caffeine content.

Directions for use:
Recommended daily serving: 1 tablet. The tablet should be dissolved in 200ml (glass) of cold water. Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption during the day.

Net weight: 85,5g.