APTEO Weekly drug cassette, weekly tablet box

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APTEO Weekly drug cassette with 4 chambers x 1 piece

Apteo 4-chamber weekly medication cassette is a product recommended for people who are forced to take many different tablets and capsules. The cassette allows you to organize and plan the dosing of drugs during the week with division into the time of the day.

Action Apteo 4-chamber weekly medication cassette, weekly tablet box:

The construction of the cassette facilitates good organization of drugs. Apteo The weekly 4-chamber drug cassette is divided into 7 days of the week, and each daily chamber is additionally divided into four separate compartments enabling the organization of the daily dose of drugs according to the times of the day - morning, noon, evening, night. Each cassette is marked at both ends with the day of the week. Appropriate organization of tablets and capsules facilitates the regular use of drugs, and thus, the implementation of the pharmacological treatment plan and the reduction of the risk of skipping doses.

Apteo A weekly 4-chamber cassette for drugs intended for the organization of drugs taken throughout the day with planning their use according to the time of the day.

Additional weekly tablet box information:
Store the product out of reach of children, at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Do not swallow.

How to use the weekly tablet box, Apteo 4-chamber weekly medication cassette:

Use as intended.