Aqua Slim Mint 10g x 10 sachets, how to lose weight fast

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  • Aqua Slim Mint favors reducing weight and maintaining a slim silhouette. Reduces appetite and regulates blood sugar levels. It prevents the accumulation of body fat and speeds up metabolism.

In one sachet L-carnitine (as L-carnitine tartrate) - 1500 mg. Garcinia cambogia (HCA source of hydroxycitric acid) - 750 mg. Chromium (as chromium chloride) - 75 mg.
Composition Total: Glucose syrup, L-carnitine tartrate, extract of Garcinia cambogia (source of hydroxycitric acid HCA), water, fructose, sucralose (sweetener) chloride, chromium (chromium source) flavor, mint.

Aqua Slim Mint thanks contained in the ingredients perfectly affects the functioning of the body, contributing to a dream, slim figure. L-carnitine takes part in the conversion of fat into energy. Thanks effectively supports the process of weight loss and prevents storage of excess weight. Is conducive to maintaining physical fitness at a high level. It stimulates metabolism and fat burning. Garcinia cambogia is a source of hydroxycitric acid HCA, which regulates blood glucose. As a result, it evokes the feeling of satiety and reduces hunger felt. Moreover HCA reduces the synthesis of lipids from sugars and proteins. It prevents the formation of excessive body fat. Chromium affects the rate of metabolism. It helps to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates. He participates in the regulation of blood sugar levels. Aqua Slim Mint is in the form of sachets for solution for drinking.

- Hypersensitivity to the active components of the preparation
- pregnancy and lactation.

The product is recommended to use an auxiliary in the process of reducing body fat.

For oral use. The contents of one sachet should be dissolved in a glass of water and mix thoroughly, eat immediately after preparation.