AQUACEL Ag 2x45 cm tamponade with reinforcing fiber

ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH

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AQUACEL tamponade with reinforcing fiber, Ag 2x45 cm Tamponades

pack size:pcs Dosage form:Tamponades

2 x 45 cm, tamponade with reinforcing fiber.

active AQUACEL tamponade with reinforcing fiber ingredients

  • silver ion
  • carmellose sodium

Tamponade with reinforcing fiber excipients

  • Cellulose, oxidized, regenerated

AQUACEL® Ag with unique Hydrofiber® technology and 1.2% (w/w) silver combines the gel formation of Hydrofiber® technology with the broad spectrum antimicrobial effect of silver ions (Ag+). AQUACEL® Ag is a versatile primary dressing for all vulnerable, critically colonized and infected superficial and deep wounds as well as acute and chronic wounds in all stages of exudation.