AQUACEL dressing Ag 4x10 cm with silver

ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH

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AQUACEL dressing Ag 4x10 cm hydrofiber dressing with silver

pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:compresses

For all infection-prone and infected wounds.

active AQUACEL dressing ingredients

  • silver ion
  • carmellose sodium

AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ Hydrofiber® Dressing is a soft, sterile dressing made from two layers of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and 1.2% ionic silver stapled together by reinforcing fibers. AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ is suitable for all infectious and infected wounds.

The AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ wound dressing consists of two layers sewn together based on Hydrofiber® technology. It is 9 times more tear-resistant and has a 50% higher absorption capacity than the original wound dressing AQUACEL® Ag.

The AQUACEL® Ag Extra™ Hydrofiber® wound dressing is intended for the same indications as the AQUACEL® Ag wound dressing.

Hydrofiber® technology for successful wound healing
ConvaTec Hydrofiber® fibers absorb exudate and bacteria quickly and lock them in securely - even under compression.2,3,4,a,b

Excess exudate is safely absorbed and allows good exudate management. The gel adapts exactly to the wound bed.5,b

In this way, an evenly moist environment is maintained in the wound throughout all phases of wound healing.6

AQUACEL dressing Notes:
a. Applies to AQUACEL® and AQUACEL® Ag dressings
b. Proven in vitro

AQUACEL dressing Credentials:

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Please note: This product AQUACEL dressing does not contain latex.