AQUACEL dressing Ag+ Extra 5x5 cm compresses

ConvaTec (Germany) GmbH

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AQUACEL dressing Ag+ Extra 5x5 cm compresses

pack size:10 pcs Dosage form:compresses

For wound treatment of moderately to heavily exuding wounds.

active AQUACEL dressing ingredients

  • polyurethane foam
  • silicones


Gently adherent polyurethane foam wound dressing for the management of moderate to heavy exuding wounds. Holds without secondary fixation - sterile.

AQUACEL dressing:

  • Flat silicone gel coating for a gentle, secure hold
  • High absorbency and rapid absorption of exudate
  • Minimized risk of skin maceration
  • Minimizes trauma and pain at dressing changes
  • Supple and cushioning for high patient comfort
  • Bacteria and waterproof, breathable top film
  • Bandage retention time up to 7 days