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Arctic Root x 60 tablets, rhodiola rosea


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  • Arctic Root - Rhodiola rosea is a well-known plant, used for a long time in folk medicine in Eastern Europe and Asia. The product has a beneficial effect on the nervous system -niwelując stress and fatigue and has a beneficial effect

1 tablet contains 225mg Rhodiola rosea root. Sorbitol (sweetener);magnesium stearate (anti-caking agent).

Action: The root of the Arctic is a well known and respected plant material, used in traditional folk medicine of Eastern Europe and Asia. Thanks to the active substances contained in the Arctic Root, the raw material has a very beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Arctic root improves the overall condition of the body. An aid in mitigating the effects of severe stress, improves mood and improves brain function by increasing concentration and memory. Rhodiola rosea has an impact on alleviating feelings of irritability, relieves painful muscle tension and relieves headaches and sleep disturbances due to symptoms of neurosis and depression.

Application: Root Arctic, recommended for use in bad mood mental, with strong stress and general fatigue.

Usage: oral 1-2 tablets a day.