ARCTUVAN bearberry film-coated tablets 60 pcs

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Arctuvan ® bearberry leaves film- coated tablets

Active ingredient: Bearberry leaves
dry extract.

ARCTUVAN bearberry Areas of application:
Herbal medicine for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the lower urinary tract.

ARCTUVAN bearberry For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
Klinge Pharma GmbH, 83607 Holzkirchen, Germany

A mild urinary tract infection is often associated with a strong urge to urinate and pain and is a common reason for a doctor's visit. Many sufferers are then prescribed antibiotics by their doctor, although there are herbal remedies that can help with a urinary tract infection just as well. Arctuvan bearberry leaves film-coated tablets help with mild urinary tract infections and cystitis, relieve the urge to urinate and are effective against pain. If the tablets are taken early, treatment of the urinary tract infection with antibiotics can be avoided. The tablets work after just a few days, kill the bacterial pathogens causing urinary tract infections and prevent them from multiplying. Arctuvan bearberry leaves film-coated tablets can be used for most pathogens causing urinary tract infections.

In contrast to taking antibiotics, this preparation does not develop any resistance. Recurring urinary tract infections can therefore also be effectively treated with Arctuvan. Arctuvan bearberry leaves film-coated tablets are a purely herbal remedy for the treatment of urinary tract infections and therefore have hardly any side effects. Timely intake can shorten the duration of a urinary tract infection and accelerate the healing process. However, if a urinary tract infection shows blood in the urine, a fever and no improvement after seven days, a doctor's visit is advisable.