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ArdeyEctoin  ® ECTOIN ear

Pack size:20 ml Dosage form:spray

spray ArdeyEctoin ® is an agent for the treatment of intestinal diseases.

Active ingredients: Ectoin, sea salt, citrate buffer, water

Areas of application:
Reduction of itching caused by inflammatory skin diseases or allergies.
Support for the regeneration of dry skin in the external auditory canal, care and cleaning for sensitive ears

The use of ArdeyEctoin ear spray can be found in the respective package insert.

For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist!

Ardeypharm GmbH, 58313 Herdecke

To care for the ears.

Active ingredients

  • sea-salt
  • Ectoin

Auxiliary materials

  • Purified water
  • Citrate buffer

ArdeyEctoin® ear spray

Natural & gentle care •
Ear spray for sensitive ears
• Caring, symptom-relieving and regenerating
• Relieves itching

Protective effect thanks to microorganisms
Ectoin® is a cell protection molecule formed by microorganisms that promotes the regeneration process of the outer ear in the case of non-infectious inflammation. In the case of dryness, itching and redness, also caused by allergies, ArdeyEctoin® ear spray soothes the skin. Regular use can help reduce susceptibility to ear canal infections. The solution helps soften the earwax. The product does not require a prescription.

With sea salt and Ectoin®
ArdeyEctoin® ear spray contains only natural ingredients. The active ingredient Ectoin® forms the Ectoin® Hydro Complex together with water. Thanks to intensive research, the positive effects for cleaning and caring for sensitive ears could be used. When used in the outer ear, the Ectoin® Hydro Complex protects the cells. The natural medical product is used to clean and care for the external auditory canal, to prevent irritation, to reduce itching and to protect the skin.

Unless otherwise prescribed, spray 1-2 sprays into the affected ear several times a day. Children under the age of 10 should have adult help in using them. Before using the pump for the first time, operate the pump 2-3 times to let the air out of the pump.
1. Hold the bottle upright and place your index finger on the spray head
2. Spray the solution into the affected ear
3. Hold your head sideways to allow excess fluid to drain out and dry the auricle if necessary
4. Cleanse The used spray head of the ear spray with a clean and lint-free cloth

In sensitive people, wearing hearing aids or earplugs can lead to reddened and itchy ears and increased build-up of ear wax. With the use of ArdeyEctoin® ear spray, the external auditory canal is gently cleaned and the accumulation of earwax plugs is prevented.

substances that repeatedly get into the external auditory canal when showering and remain there as a residue can irritate the skin and damage its protective film. Frequent swimming in chlorinated water can also be a problem for sensitive ears. The combination of Ectoin® and sea salt soothes the skin and prevents redness. Any itching is alleviated.

ArdeyEctoin® ear spray supports the regeneration of the irritated skin in the outer ear in a gentle and natural way. With its anti-inflammatory properties, ArdeyEctoin® ear spray can help reduce the susceptibility to inflammation in the ear canal if used regularly.

• Do not spray cold solution in your ear.
• Read the package insert carefully before using
the product for the first time • Children up to the age of 10 should only use the product with the guidance and assistance of an adult.
• Let the solution soak in completely after use. Hearing aids, like earplugs and in-ear headphones, should only be used in dry ears


Which active substances / ingredients are contained in ArdeyEctoin® ear spray?
The solution contains Ectoin®, sea salt, citrate buffer and water.

When should ArdeyEctoin® ear spray not be used?
The product is not suitable for people with a damaged or perforated eardrum, with an inserted ear tube or with open wounds.

Can the solution also be used for a current otitis media or otitis media?
In this case, ArdeyEctoin® ear spray should only be used on the advice of your doctor.

Can the whole family use a spray?
For reasons of hygiene, each family member should have their own ear spray.

How many puffs should be given in the impaired ear?
Please refer to the package insert for the exact number of puffs.

What side effects may I experience when using the product?
Recurrent or persistent side effects are not known to date.