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ARDEYECTOIN Ectoin nasal douche ALLERGY 100 ml

Ardeypharm GmbH

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ARDEYECTOIN Ectoin nasal douche sorry UK only

Ingredients: Ectoin, sea water, distilled water.

Ectoin Areas of application:
To treat and prevent symptoms of rhinitis or rhinosinusitis, reduce the harmful effects of allergens and fine dust particles and support the regeneration of irritated mucous membranes.

Side effects: To date, no recurrent or persistent side effects are known.

Status: April 2021 Ardeypharm GmbH, 58313 Herdecke

ARDEYECTOIN Ectoin nasal douche ALLERGY  Natural therapy
• Gentle cleansing and moisturizing
• Inflammation-reducing, regenerating, naturally decongestant
• Very well tolerated
• No habituation effects


With Ectoin ® and sea water
The use of the ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche calms the irritated or sore nasal mucosa. The Ectoin ® Hydro-Complex keeps the nasal cavities moist, gently swells and thus promotes the regeneration process. Inflammation can be reduced, itching and the urge to sneeze can be relieved, and crust formation can be alleviated. The product does not require a prescription.

The active ingredient
Ectoin ® is formed by extremophilic microorganisms that use this substance to protect themselves against harmful external influences. With the help of the cell protection molecule Ectoin ® , bacteria survive even under adverse environmental conditions (e.g. in salt lakes). Ectoin® surrounds itself and neighboring cell membranes with a protective layer of water. This is the "Ectoin ® Hydro-Complex". In this way, the cell layers in the nose are protected from allergens, air pollution and dryness and the resulting inflammation is alleviated.

Please take into account the recommended use for toddlers and children up to 11 years of age in the package insert.

Unless otherwise directed, people over the age of 12 spray 1 puff 2-6 times a day into the affected nostril. The application can be done from any angle.

1. Remove the protective cap
2. Keep your head in an upright position, guide the nasal douche into your nostril and press the spray button
3. Blow your nose gently
4. Clean the spray head with warm water and then dry it with a clean, lint-free cloth ab SNUFF NOSE Relieves the typical symptoms associated with a cold. Dry nose The natural medical product moisturizes the dry, itchy nasal mucous membrane. When used regularly, ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche prevents it from drying out again.


Stimulates the natural cleansing function of the nose. The regeneration of a nasal mucosa irritated by allergens and fine dust particles can be supported with this natural nose care product. The solution can contribute to the natural decongestion of the nasal mucous membranes.

WOUND NOSE The inflammation- reducing ingredients of ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche support the regeneration and stabilization of the mucous membrane in the nasal cavities.

• Store the ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche at room temperature
• Protect the pressure vessel from sunlight and temperatures above 50 ° C
• Keep the ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche out of the reach of children
• Pay attention to the expiry date


Which ingredients does the ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche contain ?
The solution contains Ectoin ® , sea water and distilled water.

When should the ArdeyEctoin ® nasal douche not be used?
The product is not suitable for people who are hypersensitive to Ectoin ® or any other ingredient.

Can the whole family use a nasal douche?
For reasons of hygiene, each family member should have their own nasal douche.

What side effects may I experience when using the product?
To date, recurring or persistent side effects are not known.