ARMACURA drinking ampoules, immunoglobulin G than human colostrum

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Armacura – Nature's recipe, immunoglobulin G than human colostrum

Our mind and body are as inseparable as our health is with our immune system. Armacura wants to accompany you through a happy and healthy life. A life that can quickly become unbalanced due to an unbalanced diet, stress and a daily confrontation with viruses, bacteria, fungi, toxins and pollutants.

ARMACURA drinking ampoules, immunoglobulin G than human colostrum:

In absolute harmony with our environment and in biological harmony with our body, Armacura is the natural and immune-boosting food for health supplements. As a highly complex and natural product with a unique enrichment in immunoglobulin G (at least 200 mg per ampoule), as well as lactoferrin and PRP (proline-rich polypeptides), Armacura is composed of over 400 interactive substances and vital nutrients and vital substances and is therefore clear more concentrated than human colostrum.

Exceptional in its high concentration and free of any additives, the purely natural product is based on 100% cow colostrum, the first milk for the newborn calf. An immune-building and strengthening milk substance that has a 40 times higher IgG content (immunoglobulin G) than human colostrum.

In a modern and complex extraction process, the natural colostrum structure is effectively refined and the liquid Armacura peak concentrate is filtered from it. The excellent bioavailability and very good tolerability for the human organism are treated very gently in order to be able to make the precious recipe from Mother Nature optimally accessible to the human body. Armacura processes first-class and sustainable bovine colostrum into an inimitable and effective quality product that carries health, vitality and vitality.


ARMACURA drinking ampoules, immunoglobulin G than human colostrum:

• Obtained exclusively from excess milk (guaranteed!)
• 100% natural
• High bioavailability
• Stomach acid resistant
• High tolerability
• Reduced lactose
• Easy to consume
• Gentle manufacturing process

Read the information leaflet on the risks and side effects and ask your doctor or pharmacist.