ARNICA, plumbum homeopathy ampoules

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ARNICA/PLUMBUM comp.A ampoules 

Homeopathic medicine ARNICA, plumbum homeopathy ampoules

active ARNICA, plumbum homeopathy ampoules ingredients

  • 10 mg Arnica e planta tota ferm 33c D28
  • 10 mg Betula pendula e cortice, Decoctum D3
  • 10 mg Cerebellum bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Corpora quadrigemina bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Hypophysis bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Iris bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Medulla oblongata bovis (ventriculus quartus) glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Nervus opticus bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 20 mg Plumbum mellitum aquosum D28
  • 10 mg Retina et chorioidea bovis glycerol extract D15
  • 10 mg Thalamus bovis glycerol extract D15

ARNICA, plumbum homeopathy ampoules excipients

  • sodium chloride
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • water for injections

Homeopathic medicine

plumbum homeopathy

Plumbum Metallicum Dilution is a homeopathy medicine in liquid form. This medicine is made through series of trituration or succussion process the drug into physical solubility state. It is mainly used in physiological assimilability, therapeutic activity and also as a homeopathic healing remedy.