Aromatic Essential Oil Relax BEURER 10ml, essential oils for anxiety, essential oils for sleep


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  • Essential oils for anxiety, essential oils for sleep. Universal Beurer Aromatic Relax Oil can be successfully used with such devices as: LA 30, LA 50, LB 44, LB 88, LW 110. A vanilla, orange, resin and ylang-ylang are perfect combinations.

The composition of extracts of orange, vanilla, ylang-ylang and balsamic resin together creates an intense blend that has an extraordinary effect on the senses, stimulating them in a subtle way. Relax aroma oil improves mood, allows you to restore mood after an exhausting day. Relaxing notes smoothly relax the troubled nerves, relax and also help to achieve mental comfort. Beurer brand took care of the highest quality of its product, the oil is organic, free from all kinds of artificial additives.

Beurer Relax aromatic oil recommended as an ideal preparation for aromatherapy and relaxation treatments.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature.