Arsenicum Album 30CH 4g BOIRON


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Arsenicum Album 30CH 4g BOIRON Excipients: sucrose, lactose.

4 g - pencil cases with a pellet counter (1) - packs of cardboard.

Number and date of registration: П N011371 / 01 from 09/08/11

Group affiliation: Homeopathic monocomponent preparation of mineral-chemical origin

Arsenicum Album 30CH PROPERTIES *

Arsenic anhydride - a white crystalline powder, slightly soluble, sour taste.

Arsenicum album acts on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, lymphatic vessels, mucous membranes, serous and synovial membranes, muscle tissue and skin.

    Arsenicum Album 30CH APPLICATION AREA

    Key symptoms for prescribing:

    • asthenia;
    • severe burning sensation;
    • extreme sensitivity to cold;
    • fear of death.

    The main cases of clinical use

    Arsenicum Album 30CH Indications for acute pathology


    • acute gastroenteritis, with or without fever, with fetid stool, causing abrasions and burning, as well as a violation of the general condition;
    • food intoxication;
    • acute hepatitis.


    • acute rhinosinusitis, with or without fever, accompanied by rhinorrhea with characteristic symptoms;
    • acute otalgia, otitis media with characteristic symptoms.


    • acute skin diseases of an infectious or inflammatory nature that have local or general characteristics of the drug - herpes zoster, boils, carbuncles, erysipelas, urticaria, acute dermatitis.


    • acute febrile syndrome with intensification at night, in which alternation of phases of excitation and phases of asthenia, sensitivity to cold and characteristic thirst prevail.


    • pain, acute neuralgia, the improvement in which comes from exposure to heat.


    • acute cystitis, nephritis (as a complement to appropriate antibacterial therapy), proteinuria.


    • metritis, vaginitis (in addition to appropriate antibacterial therapy).
    Arsenicum Album 30CH Indications for chronic pathology


    • chronic rhinosinusitis, seasonal or year-round, inflammatory or infectious;
    • recurrent otitis media, chronic otorrhea.


    • chronic dermatoses: dry eczema, psoriasis, senile pruritus, psoriasis-like dermatoses;
    • prevention of pressure sores.


    • asthma.


    • chronic gastritis, recurrent gastric and duodenal ulcer;
    • colopathy.


    • chronic purulent infections (including dental, ear, urogenital organs).

    General state

    • asthenia, weight loss due to prolonged painful conditions;
    • reactive depression due to demoralizing chronic diseases.


    • pain syndrome, neuralgia.


    • recurrent cystitis, nephritis.


    • recurrent metritis, vaginitis.


    • hypotension, rhythm disturbances, hyposystole (used as an adjunct in the treatment of cardiotonics and diuretics).

        Arsenicum Album 30CH DOSAGE AND ADMINISTRATION


        Granules must be absorbed in the mouth 30 minutes before a meal or 60 minutes after a meal.

        For children from 0 to 3 years, the granules are first diluted, shaking, in 10-15 ml of water at room temperature and allowed to drink.

        The optimal amount at one time is 5 granules.

        To determine the dilution, frequency and duration of admission, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

        Arsenicum Album 30CH SIDE EFFECT

        To date, not described.

        Arsenicum Album 30CH CONTRAINDICATIONS

        • individual sensitivity to the drug;
        • lactose intolerance.

        Arsenicum Album 30CH SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS

        The dosage regimen and frequency of administration is determined by the doctor.

        In the absence of a therapeutic effect within 3 days, as well as in the event of adverse reactions, consult a doctor.


        To date, no information on overdose cases has been reported.


        In the treatment with Arsenicum album, other drugs may be used.


        The drug should be stored in a place protected from light and moisture, at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children. Shelf life is 5 years.