ARTELAC Complete EDO eye drops

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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ARTELAC Complete EDO eye drops

solution for dry eyes Artelac ® Complete EDO ® is our complete solution for targeted symptom relief in the most common forms of dry eye.

As a remedy for dry eyes, it is inspired by the composition of the natural tear fluid: Just one drop of Artelac ® Complete EDO ® supplies all three layers of the tear film. The eye drops with lipids stabilize the outer layer so that the evaporation of the tear fluid is reduced. The natural moisturizer hyaluronic acid (0.24%) and glycerine bind moisture, the carbomer moisturizes and also binds water in the tear film.

Product ARTELAC Complete at a glance:

• Our 3 in 1 solution: with just one drop you can be sure of a good all-round supply
• Imitation of the tear film with lipids, hyaluronic acid and carbomer
• Very well tolerated eye drops without preservatives and without buffers.
• Shake-free application
• Practical for on the go

Recommended ARTELAC Complete  use:

• Our complete solution for watery, reddened dry eyes
• For the most common forms of dry eyes
• For long-term users
Main ingredients:• 0.24% sodium hyaluronate
• Carbomer
• Glycerin
• A lipid component

Carefully separate a single dose ophthalmic product from the strip. Twist (do not pull) off the cap. Tilt your head back slightly. With one finger of your free hand, gently pull the lower eyelid downward. Hold the one-dose ophthalmic tube vertically over the open eye. Avoid touching the surface of your eye with the drip tip to avoid possible injury and damage to the eye. Gently squeeze the one-dose ophthalmic tube and put one drop in the eye. Close your eye, move it slightly to the right and left and blink to distribute the drop well on the surface of the eye.

Remove contact lenses before dropping and insert them again after 15 minutes.

Tear production decreases with age, and menopausal women can be particularly affected by dry, reddened eyes. Artelac ® Complete EDO ® moisturizes and reduces the evaporation of the tear fluid by stabilizing the outer layer of the tear film.

Dry eyes can also be accompanied by increased tear flow. The cause is a disrupted composition of the natural tear film, which is why the tear fluid runs off over the edge of the eyelid. Supplementing the missing ingredients provides relief for dry, irritated eyes.

One of the most common causes of dry eyes is a malfunction of the meibomian glands, which produce the lipid component of the tear film. This favors increased evaporation of the aqueous components of the tear film. A targeted supply of the disturbed tear film is then required.


How does Artelac ® Complete EDO ® help ?
Artelac ® Complete EDO ®Eye drops soothe dry eyes in a targeted manner by ensuring that the deficits of the natural tear film and the surface of the eye are treated well all around with just one drop. The lipids they contain protect the tear film from increased evaporation, the natural moisturizers hyaluronic acid (0.24%) and glycerin bind moisture, the carbomer moisturizes and binds water. Users experience immediate, intense, long-lasting relief from their symptoms.

How often and for how long should Artelac ® Complete EDO ® be used?
If necessary, add one drop of Artelac ® Complete EDO ® at a timein the eye. You can use the drops daily and as often as you like. The duration of use is not limited.

How should Artelac ® Complete EDO ® be stored ?
Store the product at temperatures between +1 to +25 ° C and keep it away from sunlight. Each single-dose ophthalmic ophthalmic product should be discarded after a single use.

Manufacturer: Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165/173, 13581 Berlin.