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ARTELAC Nighttime Gel

Dr. Gerhard Mann

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ARTELAC Nighttime Gel

Intensive moistening and protection at night
Artelac ® NighttimeGel is a good supplement to the night for all types of dry eyes. The gel against dry eyes provides the surface of the eye with long-lasting moisture and protects it from dehydration. It can be used in addition to thin eye moisturizers such. B. Use Artelac ® Splash.

The product ARTELAC Nighttime Gel at a glance:

• Intensive and long-lasting moisturizing and care as a gel
• Long-lasting protection of the surface of the eye
• Well tolerated
• As a thick, lipid-containing gel for dry eyes, particularly suitable for use at night
Recommended use:• Our nocturnal provider
• For all forms of dry eyes
• Companion to thin eye drops
Main ingredient• 1 g contains 2 mg carbomer
• Medium chain triglycerides


1. Always wash your hands before use. Before each use, remove the protective cap from the tip of the tube.
2. Tilt your head back slightly. With one finger of your free hand, gently pull your lower eyelid downwards. Hold the tube vertically above your eye with the drip tip pointing downwards. Gently squeeze the tube to add a gel eye drop to the eye.
3. Put the protective cap back on the tube after each use. Now close your eye and slowly move it in all directions.
Blink to distribute the gel drop as well as possible on the surface of the eye.

Since the tear film production by the lacrimal gland is lower at night, dry eyes are not uncommon overnight. Some people do not sleep with their eyelids fully closed, which causes the surface of the eye to dry out. The consequences are red, dry eyes or even swollen eyelids the next morning.

Dry eyes can be a nuisance not only during the day, symptoms can also occur at night - also due to daily influences. You should therefore provide your eyes with long-lasting moisture, both during the day and at night. As a gel against dry eyes, Artelac ® NighttimeGel is particularly suitable for accompanying use with the regular use of thin eye drops.

People with severe symptoms and persistent dry eyes need, in addition to intensive and lasting moisturization, reliable protection of the surface of the eye at night.


How does Artelac ® NighttimeGel help ?
Artelac ®NighttimeGel was developed as a special protection at night for all types of dry eyes *. The main ingredients carbomer and lipids supplement the missing components of the natural tear film and thus ensure intensive and long-lasting moisturization and care for the dry and thus irritated surface of the eye. Carbomer binds the moisture in the tear film and the lipids reduce evaporation. Artelac ® NighttimeGel also protects the surface of the eye at night, which can alleviate dry eye symptoms.

How often should Artelac ® NighttimeGel be used?
Give a drop of Artelac ® gel 15 minutes before bed (if you prefer to use it at night)NighttimeGel in the eye or apply 3 to 5 drops or more of gel a day. If you use Artelac ® NighttimeGel during the day, wait until you can see clearly again before operating machines or driving .

How should Artelac ® NighttimeGel be stored ?
The product can be used for 6 weeks after first opening.

* In the event of a hypersensitivity reaction, the application should be discontinued.

ARTELAC Nighttime Gel Manufacturer: Dr. Gerhard Mann chem.-pharm. Fabrik GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165/173, 13581 Berlin. Distributed by: Bausch & Lomb GmbH, Brunsbütteler Damm 165/173, 13581 Berlin