Artemisinin Plus - SWEET WORMWOOD 60 capsules, Artemisinin Plus

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Artemisinin Plus - SWEET WORMWOOD. Produced on the basis of a natural extract of the Chinese herb Artemisia annua. (called 'sweet wormwood'), produced in a certified laboratory with guaranteed quality.

Artemisinin Plus - SWEET WORMWOOD - action:

Effectively suppresses the processes of angiogenesis and associated tumorigenesis;

It slows down the growth and prevents the growth of tumor formations.

Supports therapeutic regimens for rapidly metastatic and aggressive forms of cancer.

Unmistakably recognizes and helps to destroy tumor cells without having a negative impact on healthy organs and systems.

Artemisinin Plus - SWEET WORMWOOD A way of use:

In prevention and prophylaxis - 1 capsule daily, for a period of 15 days with subsequent intake up to 3 months - 1 capsule / day.

After chemotherapy - 2 capsules daily for a period of 15 days

To help active therapy: 3 x 1 capsule / day, after consulting a doctor.

Food supplement

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose

It is not a substitute for a varied diet.