ARTEMISOL liquid 100g, parasite cleanse

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  • Parasite cleanse. External parasites - mainly lice, are always a troublesome problem that should be quickly overcome. The preparation Artemisol, thanks to a natural recipe based on a mixture of wormberry and tansy tincture and active compounds, will effectively prevent the trouble.

The preparation is a mixture of wormwood-tansy tincture (Absinthi et Tanaceti herbae tinctura), stacked. (1: 5) with acetic acid 80%. The preparation contains 60-65% (v / v) ethanol and up to 3.2% acetic acid.

Artemisol, is a remedy based on natural ingredients - a blend of wormwood and tansy tincture with acetic acid, which have found their application in combating head lice and pubic lice.

Directions for use:
Hair moisten with plenty of liquid, tie with a handkerchief or foil and leave for 2-3 hours. Then thoroughly wash your hair with water and comb it with a thick comb.
Open wounds and acute inflammation of the scalp. Allergic to the preparation or plants from the complex family. Pregnancy or breast-feeding.