ARTHRAL Dog Pellets vet. 600 g hyaluronic acid, collagen type I and II

navalis nutraceuticals GmbH

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navalis arthral ® Dog
Diet - Supplementary feed for dogs to support the joint

metabolism in osteoarthritis The formulations of navalis arthral, ​​designed according to the latest scientific standards, are optimally tailored to the regenerative metabolic processes of joint structures. The balanced composition of glycosaminoglycans - the building blocks of the extracellular matrix - and micronutrients based on orthomolecular medical principles result in the highest synergy effects for maintaining and promoting effective regeneration of joint structures. Only high-quality vegetarian hyaluronic acid is used, which guarantees maximum bioavailability thanks to its long-chain molecular structure.

ARTHRAL Dog Pellets. High molecular hyaluronic acid, collagen type I and II, rose hip, MSM, Chlorella vulgaris and a balanced combination of selected micronutrients have a positive effect on the joint metabolism. The high-quality mussel extract (Perna canaliculus) in certified quality provides additional glycosaminoglycans.