Arthritis treatment BROWNINE PLASTAGES - Medicinal mud paste


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Arthritis treatment BROWNINE PLASTAGES - Medicinal mud paste 

  • Arthritis treatment. Mud is a source of organic and inorganic ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic properties. The mud paste in the form of patches is convenient to use. The product is ready for use as compresses in arthritis.


Arthritis treatment BROWNINE PLASTAGES - Medicinal mud paste Composition:

Mud from a high, naturally moist deposit, containing about 98.50% of organic substances in terms of dry matter, including: humic acids, resins, waxes, tannins, carbohydrates, enzymes and about 1.5% of inorganic substances, especially silica.

Slices with therapeutic mud paste for use both at home and in rehabilitation rooms. Mud is a type of peat valuable in substances such as: humic acids, amino acids, resins, silica. They make the peat paste an effective aid in the treatment of arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic and astringent properties are used, inter alia, in rheumatologic arthritis, root inflammation or edema and contusions. The packaging contains 5 slices with dimensions of 18x30cm.

Arthritis treatment BROWNINE PLASTAGES - Medicinal mud paste Application:
Mud patches intended for use in inflammation of the joints and in pain states after bruises. Use in the form of warm compresses.

Additional information:
Only for external use. Disposable plasters.

Not recommended for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do not apply patches around the heart. Do not use the preparation on damaged skin (eg wounds and burns).

Directions for use Arthritis treatment BROWNINE PLASTAGES - Medicinal mud paste:
Mud patch treatment can be performed daily in 10-15-day series. First, dip the plaster in the package in the hot water for about 15 minutes - so that the slice warms up to about 40 degrees. C. Cut the packaging in the middle, cover and put the surface of the patch in the painful place. Cut the patch so that it tightly adheres to the skin. Leave the cut foil outside, cover with a towel or a blanket. Wrap the wrap on the skin for about 30 minutes. In the case of extending the duration of the procedure, it is recommended to additionally cover the pillow with an electric cushion. When using patches on a larger body surface, use two or more pieces.