ARTHROGREEN collagen powder for dog, cat, horse 600 g

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Supplementary feed for dogs, cats and horses

The proven ArthroGreen Classic is supplemented with collagen - the nutrient supply of the joints is completed with easily usable collagen peptides. This unique combination of green-lipped mussel, collagen and metabolism-supporting herbs such as nettle, field horsetail and devil's claw can strengthen the joints and increase their resistance to injuries.

Chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine glucans, collagen and silica are made available in a highly bioavailable form, which stimulates the self-regulation and regeneration of cartilage-forming cells.

ArthroGreen Collagen - everything runs like clockwork

  • improved joint functions
  • increased joy of movement
  • more quality of life


Supplementary feed for dogs, cats and horses

Pork collagen hydrolyzed 66.9%, New Zealand green-lipped farmed mussel, frozen. 10%, grape seeds extracted, ginkgo, devil's claw 3%, nettle 2%, field horsetail 1.8%, sea buckthorn berries, spirulina

Analytical components and contents:
crude protein 70.0% crude fat 2.0%, crude fiber 3.95%, crude ash 4.45%, calcium 0.55%, phosphorus 0.15%, sodium 0.23%

recommendation : Cats 1 measuring spoon
small dogs under 10kg 1 to 2 measuring spoons
medium dogs (10 - 35kg) 2 to 4 measuring spoons
large dogs over 35kg 4 to 6 measuring spoons
for dogs over 60 kg 6 to 8 measuring spoons
horses 30g - 50g 1 heaped tablespoon; corresponds to approx. 19g

1 measuring spoon corresponds to approx. 0.7 g

In the case of particular stress, the amount fed can be increased by half.

Net quantity:
600 g powder