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Artichoke 330 capsules, NATURAFIT

NaturaFit GmbH

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Artichoke 330 capsules, NATURAFIT

NATURAFIT Artichoke 330 capsules

The artichoke is a cultivated plant that has been cultivated since ancient times, especially in the Mediterranean region. The Greeks and Romans already knew about the digestive effects of cooked artichoke leaves. Artichokes are also said to have appetizing properties. The bitter substance cynarin they contain stimulates the metabolism of the liver and bile.

naturafit traditionally only offers you pure substances with the best bioavailability in premium pharmacy quality. In our micronutrient factory, dietary supplements are manufactured by hand. Thanks to our unique process, we can produce products gently and without trickling aids. To ensure that our premium pharmacy quality is maintained, we only use brown pharmacy glass for our naturafit products. In this way, we not only make a contribution to the environment, but also prevent plastic plasticizers, among other things, from getting into the product - because only glass maintains absolute purity.

Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Artichoke 330 capsules, NATURAFIT