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Artivit in vials contains Colatech - a naturally hydrolyzed collagen with high bioavailability. It's collagen for healthy joints, hair, skin and nails. The product is supplemented with magnesium and vitamins from the group B. It has a pleasant, fruity fragrance.

Composition ARTIVIT :
One vial contains: 10 g of collagen, 1.4 mg of vitamin B1, 1.6 mg of vitamin B2, 2.0 mg of vitamin B4, 6.0 mg of vitamin B6 and 30.0 mg of magnesium.

Artivit in vials is a new, liquid formula based on hydrolyzed collagen with high bioavailability. Collagen is one of the basic components of articular cartilage, necessary for the proper functioning of the joints. The product is recommended especially for those who practice sport and older people. The agent is enriched with magnesium and vitamins from group B, which contributes to maintaining the good condition of the skin, the appearance of hair and has a beneficial effect on the nails. Artivit has a pleasant, fruity taste.

Dosage ARTIVIT :
1 vial per day. Shake before use.