ARTRO APTEO, Boswellia serrata, collagen

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ARTRO APTEO, Boswellia serrata x 60 capsules, collagen

ARTRO APTEO is a dietary supplement that supports the proper functioning of the musculoskeletal system. It increases the flexibility and elasticity of joints, while increasing their mobility. Strengthens bones.

3 capsules contain: 1500 mg of glucosamine sulphate (including 771 mg of glucosamine), 90 mg of chondroitin sulphate (including 69.9 mg of chondroitin), 60 mg of Boswellia serrata extract (including 36 mg of boswellic acid), 21 mg collagen, 60 mg of vitamin C (75% RDA *), 1.5 mg of manganese (75% RDA *), additives. * ZDS - Recommended Daily Intake

ARTRO APTEO, Boswellia serrata, collagen Action:
The dietary supplement is in the form of capsules that are easy to swallow. It is a complex of ingredients such as: glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen, incense extract as well as vitamin C and manganese. Frankincense contributes to the maintenance of healthy joints. Responsible for increasing their flexibility. Ascorbic acid supports the production of collagen so that bones and cartilage can function properly. Manganese is involved in the production of connective tissues and has a positive effect on the condition of bones. Glucosamine and chondroitin are ingredients that build cartilage. Their supplementation helps to maintain the efficiency and mobility of joint structures.

- hypersensitivity to the constituent substances of the product

ARTRO APTEO, Boswellia serrata, collagen Indications:
It is recommended to use the preparation in order to strengthen and increase the mobility of joint structures. Recommended especially for physically active people, people in advanced age and overweight.

Directions ARTRO APTEO, Boswellia serrata, collagen for use:
Use orally. It is recommended to take a dose of 1 capsule x 3/24, preferably before eating.