ASCORELL vitamin c injection 10X5 ml

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ASCORELL vitamin c injection 


Ascorell 500mg/5ml 10x5ml vials

For systemic use: prevention and treatment of hypo- and avitaminosis of vitamin C; providing increased need for vitamin C.

Homeopathic medicine for methemoglobinemia.

active ASCORELL vitamin c injection ingredients


  • 500 mg ascorbic acid

ASCORELL vitamin c injection excipients

  • sodium bicarbonate
  • water for injections

Ascorell is used for methaemoglobinemia in children (a dangerous reduction in oxygen transport in the blood that occurs primarily after poisoning). Vitamin C supply
in artificial (parenteral) nutrition.

The following information applies unless your doctor has prescribed Ascorell® otherwise.

To prevent vitamin C deficiency in the case of prolonged artificial (parenteral) nutrition, adults receive 100 to 500 mg ascorbic acid per day intravenously (corresponding to 1 to 5 ml Ascorell®).

Children receive 5 to 7 mg ascorbic acid/kg body weight per day intravenously.

Methaemoglobinemia in children:
500 to 1000 mg ascorbic acid (equivalent to 5 to 10 ml Ascorell®) are injected intravenously once. If necessary, the administration should be repeated with the same dosage. A dose of 100 mg / kg body weight per day should not be exceeded.

Ascorell® will be injected slowly intravenously (into the veins) by your doctor or other healthcare worker.

Your doctor will decide on the duration of the application based on the course of the disease and the blood values.

ASCORELL vitamin c injection Composition:
Medicinally active ingredient: 1 ampoule with 5 ml injection solution contains 500 mg ascorbic acid.

Other ASCORELL vitamin c injection ingredients:
sodium bicarbonate, water for injections.