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ASEPT liquid 100ml


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  • ASEPT formulation in the form of a liquid, which, thanks to its unique composition applied to the skin without the use of water, allowed to combat the most common bacteria and fungi. Disinfects and fights infections of the oral cavity.

cetylpyridinium chloride 0.1%, 7.5% denatured alcohol and water.

Product based on denatured alcohol is characterized by the action of a bactericidal and fungicidal. Disinfecting effect, purifies and protects the skin. It reduces inflammation caused by sunburn and insect bites.Does not cause stinging and burning. It prevents the development of infection around the navel newborn and fights infections of the oral cavity.

Apply to clean skin without using water and soap. Indicated for small wounds, fungal infections of the skin feet, hands, groin, armpits and head, insect bites and sunburn, as well as through the navel newborn care and to mouthwash.

Apply externally to the spraying or washing. Washing (e.g.,. Pharynx and oral cavity) used ASEPTA diluted with water in ratio 1: 4.