ASKINA finger bob colored, fixated finger exercise

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ASKINA finger bob colored, fixated finger exercise

Fastening a wound dressing to each finger (regardless of size and thickness) in a matter of seconds is no witchcraft with the Askina Finger Bob: the patented rotation makes it possible.

Patented finger fixation bandage.

Askina® Finger Bob®

The patented finger fixation bandage with a clever twist

The innovative active structure ensures that the bandage is securely fixed to the finger in a matter of seconds


  • For fixing wound dressings on the finger
  • Bandage that can be applied in seconds
  • Suitable for every finger size and strength
  • In the colors white or colored (red, blue, pink, pink, orange, green)
  • Non-allergenic material
  • Cotton viscose blend


  • Billable as a consultation hour requirement.
  • Please note the individual regulations in the consultation hour requirement agreements of the respective KV districts