ASPARAGIXIN x 60 capsules, potassium supplements


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  • ASPARAGIXIN is a product characterized by a complex composition, responsible for maintaining the activity of muscle tissue and the nervous system at the appropriate level. It regulates blood pressure.

Potassium (Potassium chloride), L-ascorbic acid, gelatin (shell component), Magnesium (oxide, magnesia), magnesium stearate (anticaking agent), titanium dioxide (pigment).
2 capsules contain 400 mg of potassium (20% *) 200 mg L-aspartic acid, 112.5 mg of magnesium (30% *)

Dietary supplement is a rich source of L-aspartic acid, potassium and magnesium, which help to comply with the standard functioning of the nervous system and muscle tissue. Moreover potassium contributes to the normalization of blood pressure. Magnesium reduces fatigue and fatigue and is responsible for the maintenance of normal energy metabolism and proper psychological function. It also participates in the process of protein synthesis and regulates electrolyte. Magnesium prevents the formation of painful contractions night, for example. Calves.

- allergic to the constituent substances of the product

It is recommended to use the product within the supplementation of magnesium, potassium and L-aspartic acid. Indicated mainly in people living under stress, physically active, engaged in an intense and tiring lifestyle, as well as in people of advanced age.

For oral use. In adults, the recommended dose is of 2 kaps./24h.